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The Toy Lady At Play
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Have You Ever.....

It's just one of those things that you'll remember forever, and it's the strangest little things that keep your mind going back to it after all these years..
I stepped out on to my deck last night and was truly surprised by the snow under my feet...
I was even more surprised that it brought me straight back to that night..... I may not recall all of the details perfectly, but believe you me, there was nothing not perfect about the experance I had that evening.

The commute home from working in New Hampshire was about an hour and 10 mins long, and when you work a split shift, and you start your day at 7AM and end your day at 9PM  that commute home every night could be a real bitch! Needless to say, I was tired. When I finally pulled into the condo parking lot, I was mentally already in bed!! You know, you've all been there before, and have been that tired...However, that's not what was about to happen,  not even close!

I opened the door of the condo building and found rose petals leading all the way up the staircase to my appartment on the 2end floor. And at the base of the stairs, there was a little arrow indicating for me to come on up..The smell of those roses filled the entire entry way, and to this day, every time I stop to smell the roses it brings me right back to the bottom of those stairs on that night!
Before I opened that door, I remember being so tired, but as soon as the smell and beauty of the roses leading up those 30 or so stairs appeared in front of me, I was nothing but one great big smiling girl walking on rose petals completely curious as to what was about to happen here tonight!! Ahhhh, God I love that feeling!
 When I got to the top of the stairs, on the door leading into my  apartment there was a note. It told me to take a piece of clothing off before entering... Yup, I definitely giggled, but I definitely did it too... After removing that piece of clothing I open the door, and oh yes, the roses petals didn't stop for as long as I could see.... They were placed on the floor leading into the bed room and the only light in the entire condo was the light from the candles that had been lit everywhere..... before I could start to follow the rose petals into the bedroom there was a note placed on the wall that I need to address... it told me to take everything off except my bra and panties ( and me being me, I definately was leaving the heals on too) So I did, and yes, I was still giggling.. I walk past the kitchen throw the living room and straight to the door way of the bed room, where I found this beautiful man laying in just his boxers on my bed. As he was getting off the bed and walking towards me I noticed the last note on the door in the bed room, but I have no fucken idea what it said because before I could read it, that big beautiful man in his boxers had made it to me and was taking off, wellllll, let's just say he was really  TAKING OFF!!!!! mmmmmmm
                                                                        Nuff said!!!! 

HAVE YOU EVER ...... WILL YOU EVER.... create a memory so simple and sweet, with a hint of excitement, that when you smell or see something, it imeadately brings you  right back to the minute where you were able to experance something  hot and exciting that you'll never forget?
                       HAVE YOU EVER..... OR BETTER YET....WILL YOU EVER???

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

You Think You Know Me

I can count on one hand how many people actually know me yet I "know" everyone.... Strange how that happens...
What you NEED TO KNOW about me and about this blog:
I can NOT spell, so you may need to sound this shit out!
I don't care if you don't like profanity, this is my blog, I will use it, and often..hahah.
I will talk about SEX, in every shape, in every way, and in every form. Good sex, bad sex, mind blowing sex, and offensive sex..You will most likely not know if it's me I'm talking about or someone else, however, they are not fiction, they are the real deal!
No one is off limits when it comes to using the stories they send me... While I will not be using names on here I will be using all the amazing things I'm told on a daily bases.
Now that I've said that, let me say this......
I am a mother of two amazing, beautiful children. My boy (as he will most always be called by me on here, is 12, for the next week anyhow) My girl ( which she will most always be called on here, is 10)
I love being a Mom, but I would be lying if I told you that it isn't one of the most trying and difficult things I do.
I'm also a wife, I have been with my husband for 17yrs and married to him for 11 of those yrs.
I live with my parents...hahhaa. yeah I fucken said it! When my husband and I bought our first home, we decided to have an in-law apartment for my parents... This has been another "experience" I will be chatting on here about!  We're like a friggin sitcom..
I own a sex toy company called Late Nights and I love what I do... Have sense the day I started  back in 1999!

I have live in Standish my hole life, and am stuck here for a little while longer. And yes that's how I feel about living in small towns.I know I'm not ment to be here forever, but for now this is home.

I have spent some time when I was younger in Zaragota, Spain.. Oh do I have some stories for you about that place... I learned about good food, high booze tolerance, and sex with NO limits.... Ahhhh, I still miss this place to this day.

I have been thin and I have been morbidly obese... And I truly feel there are benefits to both...

None of this even scratches the surface of who I am, but I'm hoping as I figure out how to tell my stories that are all so vivid in my mind, you will start to understand and know me a little better.
I have been so many different things, good and bad, to so many different people, including myself.

AAAAAAND NOW!! I'm a fucken BLOGGER!!! Who knew.