The Toy Lady At Play

The Toy Lady At Play
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Thursday, January 31, 2013

No Ticket Necessary

Working retail can suck. At the end of the day, you don't want to talk to people, you don't want to fix shit. You want to leave and I had a good reason to leave. I was meeting my boyfriend in his college dorm room right before game day. I went into the bathroom at the shop and removed all my clothing. I put on thigh high white nylons, a white lace thong, white stilettos with gold heels ( purchased specifically for this night) and an evergreen one button trench coat. I left the Mall in my red t-top Camero and headed north on I-95. It's 11 pm, I'm tired from working a nine hour shift and the only thing on my mind was seeing him. Two and half hours north in the snow and sleet was the drive ahead of me. I'm driving up the highway exceeding the speed limit when the blue lights started flashing behind me. The officer came up to the car and I was so tired I was slurring my words as he got a glimpse of my breasts hanging out of the V in the neck of the trench coat. I hand over the usual documents: license, registration, and insurance with a smile and not much else on. He asked me to step out of the car and I did. He then realized I was barely dressed on this cold Winter night. He asked if I had been drinking. I said "No." He asked where I was going. I said "Orono." He asked who I was meeting. I said "My boyfriend", which brought a smile and a laugh. He told me to return to my vehicle and he checked my record. He came back and let me go on my way. He followed me for about 20 miles almost to the campus, as if I had my own police escort. I got to the dorm parking lot and proceeded up to the third floor of his co-ed dorm to see him. I knocked on the door. He opened it and there were six other football players in his dorm room besides him peering out at me in my sexy outfit. His beautiful blue eyes pierced me to my soul, curly dark hair topped his 6 foot 7 frame. He told every guy " Get the fuck out" all while keeping eye contact with me. They got the point and cleared out as I stepped aside to let them go. He brought me in the room, closed the door and pushed me up against it. The one button on my coat was quickly undone as he asked if I had worn that outfit on the drive up. I of course, said "Yes." My coat dropped to the floor and he stood there drinking me in for what felt like forever, but it was probably only two minutes. He picked me up and laid me on the counter and told me to "Shut up". My panties were removed and my legs were put on his shoulders as he dived into me like a meal. About five orgasms , he picked me up and laid me down on the bed surrounded by mirrors. All I could see was me and him in the flicker of the TV he didn't have time to shut off. He produced two ties which he used to restrain me to the bed by my wrists. He said if I spoke he would not touch me. I was very quiet.As he worked me into a frenzy, he poured tequila down my body, licking it up and spitting it into my mouth. It tasted like a mixture of sweat, pussy and tequila all in one.For the next 90 minutes he touched everything, but my clitoris and nipples. It was torture and pleasure all at the same time. At some point he finally asked me what I wanted. I said "You." Two seconds later, I could feel him thrust extremely deep inside me with his hand on my ass and another on my shoulder pulling me into him. I exploded with ecstasy. If I was too loud or dug my nails into him too deep, he would stop. At some point, he actually took off the straps from my wrists, but tied down my ankles to the bed. I had never experienced this in my entire life. Little did I know, that all of his football buddies, were outside the door recording every sound. He knew this and that's why he kept me quiet, which turned out to be a huge turn on. When he finally released me after two hours, he said " I want to hear you, feel you and make sure you leave marks on me."  I went down on him and took his penis deep in my throat to start taking out all the pent up frustration on him. I had to concentrate on taking him deep in my throat while I regulated my breathing to give him the most pleasure. Before I knew what was going on, he had grabbed my hips, lifted my lower part of my body over him into my first 69 position. His strong hands opened up my pussy lips to his mouth. The sensation of being overpowered and feeling only his tongue was amazing. I couldn't get enough of his hard cock in my mouth as he worked his magic on my clitoris. I was dripping wet and wanting more. His fingers were inside me pulling me toward him at my G spot while sucking my clitoris. He sucked the juices out of me, while I stopped concentrating  and just laid my head down on his hip bone not able to even play with his penis. We fucked for only five minutes after that and fell asleep. I awoke the next morning with blankets on me and covered in warmth.  He told me it was shower time and brought me into the men's shower room and paraded me past 5 guys who said nothing. We proceeded to enter the open shower stall no curtains, no privacy. He told me to jump up and he grabbed my ass and pushed me up to the top of the shower. I braced myself on the walls of the stall. The hot water spraying over my body felt like warm honey while he lathered me with soap all over my naked body. He let me come down and washed my back. I rinsed off and he enveloped me in a  towel. I was so tired that he lifted me up and carried me like his baby girl in his arms back to his room. He went to the game and I slept so hard for ten hours. Woke up at 9:30 at night and had missed my shift at work. He returned to the dorm a sweaty, sexy, confident mess.  He removed his football pads and clothing, gave me water and told me he would wake me up at 4 am, so I wouldn't miss my next work shift. By some miracle, I still had a job after my "sick" day. I am still haunted by the raw, erotic memories made that night. I hear that one of the guys still has my recorded moans as his ring tone on his cell phone to this day.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

universal language

Cliff diving in the middle of Spain is no joke... However the roads leading to the dive and the people you have met, and are riding there with , are no fucken joke.!!! Amazing how you connect with people you have never met and don't speak the same language with know exactly who you are and what you're about.
That being said, after two weeks in Spain I have been invited to jump off this huge cliff with many other  Spaniards. Trick is to land in a very small hole that wouldn't break any of your bones.. GREAT, I'M IN!!!
After a winding road on the side of a mountain, at very high speeds, we arrive... OMG.... It was like something out of  movie... The waterfall was so beautiful. The people were loving the place they were in.. I was the only American there, and to be honest, I was scared out of my mind.
They knew what I was feeling, however they told  me it was gonna be OK, and that they would show me the way... CRAZY, but I believed them. And THAT leap of faith brought me to the biggest jump and fall I have ever taken willingly.
I climbed to the top of the waterfall with many other people who just wanted me to take that first jump. They spoke to me in broken English (by now I knew how to speak Spanish cuz I didn't have a choice) they told me to let go and let live...That's all it took... I jumped... Oh sweet God, it was a hell of a  feeling , one I have never felt before and haven't felt sense... You are FREE. Your body and senses are in trust mode. I remembered what they said to do, and my body just did it... The water surrounded me.. The pressure was nothing like I have felt before. I was so far down. THEN all the sudden my legs and arms stared doing what they where suppose to. I made my way through the pounding water to the surface. When I surfaced all I heard was the screams and applauds from the 30 or so people who have never met me before today, BUT had taught me to jump without  reservation... They were all there... They had  held their breath, they knew what I was doing wasn't what the normal "vacationer" would be doing.. I was there to keep living and learning. I trusted in people who believed in me, even know they hadn't  known me for but a min, they got it... Sometimes you're just in the right, with many people who already know you, without having met you for except for that one min, that one eye contact, that one conversation, just don't doubt yourself.... You'll still know.. You are who you are who you are... AND it speaks to many! Not all , but many.