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The Toy Lady At Play
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Winter time in Maine

O.O. B. in Maine is pretty damn quiet. It's one of the best times to rent a weekend on the beach front which is exactly what he did.
Have you seen the sun rise over the water and snow... It's the same look as summer, but more quiet, like it has a secrete during the winter months here in Mane. It's not for the travelers, it only here for us.. Kinda like mother nature thanks you for being here during one of the most beautiful ,and most difficult things she can create. It really is a gift given to those who brave her mood swings though the seasons.
I arrived at the hotel on the waterfront around dinner time and walked into the sweet smell of sauce and bread..This room had a waterfront view with a balcony, a full kitchen, and he had been busting ass for hours to make dinner after my very  long day of work. He moved around this small kitchen like he had been there for yrs, however the bonus for me was that all he was wearing was a pair of white silk boxers and cologne.
Standing six foot 4, ice blue eyes and dark curly hair, he was beautiful any day of the week, but that night he peaked every sense in  my body as I step into the sent and the sight. I wish you could even seen him... Truly gorgeous. All his muscles relaxed, but so defined, and well trained, so much so  that they curved around every structure of his body with great ease and precision. The sight of him standing and moving in that small kitchen was a panty peeler all in it's self., and to be perfectly honest, I felt myself taking a huge breath in and breathing it out like I was outside of my body trying to find my way back in.
I dropped my bag full off over night stuff right at the door... Walked slowly over to him as he turned around to great me and wrapped myself around his body. That first kiss was as sweet as honey drizzling down my throat. See, this man knew we only had so much time.. Between his schedule and mine we actually treasured the time spent with one another. So when he kissed me he never made it common, he made it count. Weather it was the first hello kiss, or the last goodbye kiss. It was deep, full of passion and lust, and he held nothing back in between.
He had already poured the glasses of wine and the music in the back ground was James Taylor. Yeah.collage shit... What a trip.
He handed me my glass of wine and told me to change and get "comfy" .... I followed my instructions and went into the one bedroom and changed into my "night attire"
when I came back out into the dinning area wearing a white silk teddy, white stilettos, and sheer white robe I noticed that the only  light in the entire room was lite by candlelight .... Yeah, I know. Sounds like a movie, however I was blessed enough to have this true experience. He was sitting at the table in front of the picture window that brought the nature moonlight in over the water, and there was him,  in his white silk boxers and sipping his wine....when he turned to look at me, there was no smile there was no expression, he just looked. He watched me as I walked form the bedroom to the table and sat down.
The food smelt as good as it tasted. I was tired. I was hungry, and now I was completely aroused by this man in front of me... There wasn't a lot of conversation, however there was a lot of seeing each other. I could never forget the way he watched me take a sip of my wine, the way he watched me take food into my mouth... Shit .............. The way he watched me....
I had half a plate full of food on my plate when he rose from the table and come directly over to me. He got down on his knees and touched the inside of my bear thigh with his soft but strong hands... I actually had food in my mouth as he did this... I swallowed hard, but not before he had unsnapped my teddy and placed his tongue directly against my clit.. He was was quick and precise with his placement.. It wasn't moments before every piece of food and wine was on the floor... He had cleared the table with one swoop of his wing span.... I said nothing as I watched all the food and wine hit the floor.
He lifted me from the chair and gently but firmly placed me on top of the NOW cleared table. There were no words. We said nothing to each other...... We just felt....
He made a meal of me . Starting with his mouth on my clit, riding further up my body to my nipples and decided to linger there until I grabbed his chin and brought him straight to my mouth... The smell of me in his mouth, the smell of him, all over me, the light that surrounded our bodies, was something one could never forget.... When he entered me it was soft and it was full. His lips lever left mine as I felt the wood against my back, and the warmth of his body in and on mine. He rushed nothing... Making every move with his body make my body respond to his rhythm. ... he placed his arms around my back and lifted me off the table an onto the floor.. OH YES, OH HELL YES.. On the food ,on the drink, on the everything. We made love that night on the table on, the floor, on the counter, and then again on the bathroom sink before we finally hit the bed...
Mind you, this was the first night... We had one more day and night to come........
Memories are yours to keep or share... Your body is a tool to use and share as you  wish...
Make that memory, share your tools.... Love the skin you're in so others can too.... Never ever forget the gifts you have been given.
Live HARD , Laugh OFTEN, an just BE!.....Don't live your life for others...At the end of the day, it's not theirs, IT'S JUST YOURS!!!  LOVE THE SKIN YOUR IN!
Once around people. It's a once around... GAME ON!!! I'M IN! ARE YOU?

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