The Toy Lady At Play

The Toy Lady At Play
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Seeker....

No Love Lost...
The waterfall was crashing with a crushing force into the pool just beneath the rocks. The air was filled with mist caused by the falls as the sun light bounced of the molecules casting rainbows in every direction. The air was warm and the water refreshing. All around were tall native trees with bright blooming flowers and fruits. Birds of song were serenading the jungle.
Wading in the pool below the falls just behind where the water hits were a couple vacationing from the state. They had been planning this trip for a couple of years and they were finally here. He had always thought that this is exactly what these 2 needed to put that fire back in their relationship and boy was he right. He had no idea what was coming next.
As he leaned against the rocks, his beautiful wife slowly made her way towards him. The falls in the background made the perfect back drop to show off her beautiful body. Tan skin, dark hair, deep brown eyes. She was a sight. In the years that they have been together, she has only gotten more gorgeous than the day they are succeeding. She made her way to her man and slowly started to kiss him. As their lips meet, their bodies had become one mass of warm, wet flesh. The kissing so soft and full. They always had great chemistry but life had gotten in the way and began to pull them away from the true intimacy in their lives. He used to reminisce about the days in the beginning. They were playful, exciting, fun. There were also the long nights of sex and holding each other, which also was almost always followed by hot morning sex. Those days were long gone.
These thoughts began to race through his head as her legs wrapped around him as they kiss behind the falls. He was remembering how she felt pressed against him. The way their bodies seemed to fit just right. His kisses became more intense as his hands ran through her hair, down her spine. All the while, she couldn’t remember at what point it was that these kinds of things got away from them. She loved her man more than anything in the world. She knew that this kind of thing made him happy and it hurt her that for so many years, he was living in pain. He hadn’t had the touch of his soul mate.
For this, she let him put his hands wherever, and with each area that he touched, she remembered the times in the past and couldn’t believe that they let it get away. He had run his hands all over her body. Caressing and squeezing her butt and up and down her back. He untied the top that was holding her breasts. She began to help tug it off and toss her top on the rocks and she held him closer as she kissed harder. Her body felt so good pressed against his.
He turned her around and placed her up on the rock behind him. The water glistened as the sun light hit her wet body. On the surface he was composed and very smooth. But, underneath, he was going crazy. He couldn’t believe what was going on! As she lay on her back he ran each hand up wither side of her legs and slowly pulled off her bottoms. Her legs were so long and slender. Defined by her habit of staying in shape. He felt like this was all happening for the first time.
His heart was racing and he was extremely nervous as he looked at her naked body. A sight that he could not describe with any word in the English dictionary and she was his lady. His partner, and he was one lucky man! Things like this only happen in dreams and movies. But today, it was his reality.
He worked his hands and lips up the insides of this beauties thighs. Sipping up each droplet of water that had collected. She began to open her long dark legs more as he got closer to her sweet pearl. As he approached her exposed pussy, as much as it pained him, he moved on. Working his way up her naval to her sides. This was sending shivers all over her body. She just could ne believe that this had been missing for so long. What was she to do but sit back and let it all just happen.
As he got to her mouth, they kissed again. Her hands grabbing his shoulders and running down his chest and stomach. She slid her hands into his pants and began to stroke his penis. So hard and firm. Her man had it going on. If there were ever such thing as a perfect hard on, it was his. She started to slide his trunks off his body as he knelt over her.
Working his way back down, he wanted to taste her sweet pussy’s nectar. The sound of the water and wild life made for quite the serene scene. He began to slowly work his tongue in circles around her clit. Little flicks here and there as well as sucking. He remembered how crazy it drove her when did this and he could tell it still did. Her body was moving in rhythmic motions that made him all the more turned on. Her legs now draped over his shoulders he is sucking and licking while his hands are firmly gripping her perfect breasts.
Her moans began to intensify as her body began to twitch and squirm. By this time, he wanted to be inside of her. As he sit back and adjust his position on the rocks, she looked him in his eyes and said to him, “Take me. I want you so bad.” He leans over and kisses her as he slowly slides himself inside of her. Little moans and quivers escape her lips as she lay kissing him. He slowly begins to work himself in and out. slow and deep with every motion. Each time that he went all of the way in, she moaned and squeaked at how great he felt. She was tightening herself up to help heighten his feeling.
Slow and deep turned into fast and a little bit harder. Her hands now on his back and shoulders and nails gripping tightly with every thrust. Her long legs lay over the back of his. His hands running all up and down the side of her body and paying close attention to her amazing ass. He was in a whole different state of mind at this point. Nothing mattered but he and his girl and what was going on.
He sat back and continued to thrust himself in and out of her. Watching her body movement made him so excited! The way her breasts moved up and down and the way her body reacted to his movement. She was amazing to look at. At that moment she looked at him and told him not to stop, she wanted to cum. He knew he didn’t have much longer as he could have lost it a long time ago. Faster and harder he went. Each inch of him feeling better and better to her as her pussy was now at such a heightened state, she was going to explode.
He leaned down and pulled her tightly against his chest has he thrusted deep and hard! She latched onto him tightly and began to moan loudly! Digging into his back and squeezing tighter and tighter! They were right there! And in that instant, they felt as though that magic that they felt as though they may have lost was just being pushed back by life and all that easily gets in the way. They still loved each other as much today as they did when they first meet.

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