The Toy Lady At Play

The Toy Lady At Play
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

~ Moe~

There is def a time in our lives where we have to decide if the current course you're on is the the one that has been laid out for you......Question everything! Trust nothing but your gut feeling, and never ever look back... I will be walking in a new path..........I hope you'll join me in my travels... It's gonna be nothing if not interesting. I have some time coming up. I wanna share some things with you. Just need to give me a moment to register whats going on and tell you what's the straight up truth about my life and the choices I have made to get me here......Thanks so much for being here... Hope you too can be honest about your downfalls and your success as I'm about to share with you all of mine.. Yes, I have the GOOD, BAD, AND THE DOWN RIGHT UGLY, .This is not my dress rehearsal. This is my once around..I plan on using it!!!!!!!

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  1. Very interested in anything you write and would love to share stories here with you. Really Like this site and your intentions.