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The Toy Lady At Play
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Seeker

This one is called, Perfect Strangers...
It wasn't long before the eyes of these two souls met. He, jack and ginger on the rocks. She, a simple breeze. He was staying at the hotel in town on business. He had a girlfriend at home but he had felt disconnected as of lately. She doesn't have time for him like she does her girlfriends.
The beautiful young woman at the bar was waiting for the rest of her friends to show up. The plan was to meet at the hotel bar for drinks and then head out for a night on the town. As they locked eyes they both knew they needed to speak up but neither was ready. As he tossed back his drink, he made his way down the bar. She noticed his stride. Confident, but not arrogant, a bit shy, but not over the top. She already found him to be sexy. His mind is racing with the thoughts. This woman is beautiful. The way the neck line of her dress scooped down just enough to display her amazing cleavage. Her breasts looked full, perky. He would give anything to catch just one glimpse. As he stood in front of her he signaled the bar tender to replenish her drink. She knew what the plan was. They both were thinking the same thing. As he opened his mouth to speak, she quickly put her finger over his lips and grabbed his belt and pulled him in. Just as he thought she was going to kiss him, she turned and walked away with her drink.
He checked his coat blazer pocket to make sure he had his room card and very smoothly followed suit. As they arrive at the elevator, words have yet to be exchanged and that's exactly how she wanted it. Simple. Easy. And not permanent. She hit the button and turned to him. Staring at each other, they both could feel their bodies trembling. She was getting wet with anticipation and he did everything he could to stop himself from showing his excitement in the hallway. She reached up and grabbed the back of his head. A handful of hair she pulled his head down to her. Just as their lips were about to meet, the elevator door opened and just like that, she turned and walked in.
He was more intrigued by this girl than he had ever been with anyone. She was controlling him and he loved it. He called it sexy manipulation. He pushed the button to his floor and elevator began its climb. Each floor seemed to take an eternity. All he wanted was to rip her dress up over her hips and feel how tightly she could wrap her legs around him. The suspense was killing. He had no clue she was already daydreaming about his strong arms holding her up against the elevator wall while she strokes his hard throbbing cock before guiding it to her soft wet pussy. All of this going on in their heads, the elevator remained calm and quiet.
The ding of the elevator stopping made their hearts skip beats like children on Christmas morning. The presents were right in front of them, but they couldn't have them just yet. As they exit the elevator towards his room, his mind was racing. "How do I start? How fast do I go? Is she going to come at me?" He couldn't stop.
Finally, they are at the door separates these silent lovers from the most euphoric experience that either one of them had ever imagined.
She reaches into his pocket and grabs his key card. She slides the card and the door clicks open. He follows her into the room close behind. He grabs her hips and pulls her into him. Her sweet ass presses up against his dick. Rock solid and ready to feel the warmth of her insides. Her ass had the perfect bubble shape to it.
With his hands running from the tops of her thighs to her stomach up to her breasts, their breathing intensifies. She leans her head back and finally, their lips meet. This man knew how to kiss a woman. Soft lips, just the right amount of tongue. She was impressed. And she knew exactly how to twirl her tongue inside of his mouth.
Suddenly he feels hands undoing his belt. He knew that he now had to take his shirt over his head.
He grabs her hips as she guides his massive hard on into her deep tight pussy. She felt so warm and tight, he filled her inside so good! She wanted to feel him thrusting in and out of her. He pushes her up against the wall and begins to slide in and out of her. Her hands presses against the wall and her legs spread like being frisked by an officer. The both of them letting out sultry moans of pleasure.their bodies seemed to fit just right.
Now that he knew how good she felt, he wanted to know how her body tasted. He slowly pulls out and picks her up carrying her over to the bed. As he lays her down, he pulls her dress off. The breasts that he had just recently fantasized about were now exposed in front of him. They were perfect. Nice, perky brown nipples that matched her dark latina skin. Her body was perfect. She took care of herself. She looking up at him, she saw a man's man. Defined square jawline, just the right amount stubble. Following down he had perfect shoulders. Just the right definition. His chest and abs followed along the same lines. And his v shaped pelvic muscle only made her want him more.
He leans foward to kiss this woman. They don't even know each other's names but they certainly know what each other wants. He kisses back to her ears and the nape of her neck. His tongue starts to follow down and lick between her breasts. They then circle her nipples before he puts his mouth over them and sucks. His tongue flickering. He could feel her body beneath. It was begging for him to fuck her. But he wasn't there yet. He ran his tongue down to her naval. Then down just above her pussy.
He then went down to her feet and slowly kissed and licked his way from the tops of her feet to her calves, to behind her knees. He then ran his tongue to the inside of her thighs where he nibbled and kissed. She let out a moan of pleasure. Her hands holding handfuls of his hair she tries to pull his face to her dripping vagina. Just as he got there he stopped so she could feel his warm breath. Then all of a sudden his tongue begins the go to work.
He teases her clit with tongue flicks and sucking. He ran his tongue full length of her beautiful pussy. She tasted so sweet. He thrusted his tongue in and out of her. Her hips working in motions te help her feel how wonderful he is. Faster and harder he licked and sucked. He could feel her body beging to convulse. She knew that she was about to explode. He sucked and licked faster, harder. She let out a scream and her whole body tensed up. She couldn't stop moaning. Her body felt numb and her head tingled. Her whole body was beside itself in a whole separate world. This man knew how to please a woman. She wanted to show him exactly how happy he had just made her. She rolled him over on his back. As she straddles his legs both of her hands were wrapped around his cock. Hard and throbbing in her grip she began to slide her hands up and down. He looked up at her perfect tan body and was even more turned on. He loved latina women. He closed his eyes and tipped his back. To his surprise he felt her tongue circling the tip of his shaft. His body was anticipating more. Slowly she kisses up and down the side of his manhood before taking it all in her mouth. She knew how to work a man. He brushed her hair away from her face so he could see her beautiful face. In and out his cock was being worked by her mouth.
He was ready for. He needed to inside of her. She sat up and hovered over his hard dick. Slowly she slid down over him. She gasped as she could his entire cock inside of her and it felt amazing. His hands on her thighs and hips she begins to roll her hips. She felt amazing. Warm and tight. He reaches back and grabs a hold of her bubbly butt and pulls her tight. She starts to really ride him now. Her head back and eyes closed. Her perky tits bouncing with every movement that her amazing body made. His hands grabbing her tits she bounced faster and much harder. He could feel himself getting close but he wasn't done.
Without so much as a word or motion to warn her, he rolls over on top of her while still inside. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waste. He thrusts his rock hard cock in and out of her perfect pussy. Moans filled the air joining the sound of their bodies rubbing and slapping against each other. He begins to tighten body up as he feels himself ready to cum. She notices this tightens her pussy around shaft. She wraps her arms and legs tightly around him and brings him closer. In and out. Faster and stronger he thrusted. She could feel herself ready to cum. It seemed as though a million things were happening all at once and an orchestra had hit the climax of its piece. He was there! He could feel everything tense up and numb as he reached his orgasm. He let out a moan of pleasure as as well as she as they shared this spectacular sequence together. Both of their bodies were exhausted but felt so good. A feeling unlike either of these two had experienced before. They hadn't exchanged a single word to each other but knew that their bodies could do everything right. Perfect strangers...

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