The Toy Lady At Play

The Toy Lady At Play
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wild Violet

On a warm, rainy, windswept evening in the south, the night sky illuminated with crackles of lightening, I set out to the barn to tend to the large herd of horses. As I walked up the road, the rain pounded down on me, my face being stung by the piercing drops of water, reminisce of rain running down my neck pooling in my bra. The coat and tank top did not offer much defense from the storm. I flung open the barn doors and uncovered my head from the hood of the coat, vigorously shaking off the rain. I peered up and saw him standing there, leaning against the wall, tight black wrangler jeans hugging every curve of his body, his form fitting t-shirt outlined his toned chest and abs, the black of his hair shot out from under his ball cap. I gasped in shock and amazement, he was beautiful. He shot me a devilish smile and continued doing chores, singing at the top of his lungs to the songs on the radio, his voice was like an angel, as I walked by, he reached out and touched my arm, I shivered. I pulled at my shirt trying to fan off the water from underneath, embarrassed by the marks left on the tank top from the rain, he smiled unfazed. Casual conversation and laughter filled the mundane routine of work, jabs, punches, pushes casual harmless gestures occurred throughout the evening, until that moment, that moment when silence fills the air and your ears ring and you hear nothing…..nothing….but your heart pounding out of your chest. In that moment when everything you know goes out the window and you become a predator after your pray, after a desire or an urge that is to strong to hold back. He looked at me again and gave a sarcastic remark, in that second, I spun on my heels and quickly walked over to him, grabbed him by the shoulder, twirled him around and pinned him against the cement wall, his expression exploded, with a look of, ‘about time’! I thrust my body against his, grabbing him by the belt loops, we locked lips, kissing in a deadly hard speed, to harsh, but right, our hands were abrasive, rough, gliding all over each other, sliding under each others clothes, feeling at one and others curves, I was engulfed in the smell of his cologne that rose up from his chest, just as I closed my eyes to take him all in with my senses, he twirled me around and slammed me against the cement wall….I gasped, still kissing me hard and furious. I was so aroused, my entire body now screaming for him! I ran my hands up his neck and through his short black curls, up and over his head knocking off his ball cap; he picked me up, pushing me against the wall. He held me there kissing my neck, slowly working his way down into my cleavage as far as my tank top would allow him to go, I held my self with one arm reaching over my head for the metal bar from the stall behind, I wrapped my legs around his body and my other arm firmly gripping into his muscled shoulder. He slowed his erotic pace, gently caressing my chest, my arms and my collarbones, teasing every inch of my upper body with his soft lips. He looked up, locking eyes with me, reaching to bite my lower lip, he then slid me down so slowly, his pants catching my crotch, giving me a thrust, and then letting me slide to the floor. Dazed, I tried to collect myself, still lost in him and hoping there was more, he grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hallway leading to a dark room, he threw piles of magazines aside that sat on an old worn out couch. He swiftly lifted my shirt off over my head and continued to have his way with my body with his hands and lips, like he was covering every inch, not letting me reciprocate, it killed me….then gently with one swoop he laid me down, he slowly glided down on top of me, this time his touch was soft and gentle, kissing my neck, nibbling at my ear, one hand firmly holding my thigh, another searching for the button on my jeans, he slowly finished undressing me, his eyes searching for mine, I caught my breath afraid I would pass out, his eyes fierce yet passionate, I managed to get my hands free from under his grasp, and take off my bra, he helped me slide my panties off slowly, kissing the bone of my hip, tickling it, making me gasp and thrust again, he enjoyed my squeamishness. He continued to kiss each line of my hip bone circling around just to the top of my panty line, teasing and tantalizing, I grabbed for his shirt and ripped it off over his head, his back muscles defined, his shoulders powerful yet gentle. I then went for his belt buckle and jeans undoing them as fast as I could, clawing at his back often and kissing his neck as I arched myself into position. He allowed me little movement, the predator had now become the pray! At that moment, it became hot, my head spinning, I reached for his neck pulling him on top of me, with one thrust he was in, my head threw back over the arm of the couch, my spine arched and knees folded and he let out a vigorous moan! As I pulled my head up and reached for his back he looked up and again gave me the devilish smile. At that moment we locked lips and again the fierce, hard kissing began, he started to thrust heavier into me, each time slamming my back into the arm of the couch, I felt nothing, but him! He reached up and slid me down further under him, I was looking straight up at him, he slowed his pace, I moved my hips gradually embracing him, feeling every inch of him, taking the time to smell him, taking in all the essence of this man, his strong arms, defined chest, his manner in which he touched and kissed me, the way he felt inside me…I reached up and grabbed his ass and thrust him into me, he gasped, I moved my hips feverishly, teasing him, then grabbed him again, this time he was there anticipating my move, we connected and with a motion both began to come, I saw stars, his body heavy and deep in mine, I could feel him pulsate an release. He sank his head in my shoulder, breathing hard, then slid his arms under my back grabbing my shoulder pulling me closer, he and I still locked together. The night wasn’t over…..nor were the rendezvous….

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